Team & Career

Whom We Seek

We seek to employ like-minded individuals who share Heston Aviation group values and passion for aviation. We encourage people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to join our team, as we are strong believers in the power of diversity and teamwork.

If you thrive in ever evolving, fast paced professional environment, are passionate about challenging the ways incumbent industries operate, we may be the right place in which to advance your aviation career. 

What We Offer

By joining Heston Aviation group, you will be immersed into a fast growth and development environment. In its own turn, this results in:

Accelerated Career Paths. Because new projects and business areas are launched every year, there are plenty of opportunities for vertical or horizontal career development for all Heston employees. We strongly support team members, who have passion and initiative to develop professionally, which leads to their accelerated careers within Heston Aviation group.

Opportunity to Challenge Incumbent Industries. Heston Aviation group challenges the existing status quo in aviation industry, constantly searching for ways how to deliver services and solutions in more efficient, creative ways. This creates opportunity for our team members to be the opinion leaders in aviation industry, contributing significantly to improving how things are done in regions where we operate.

Rewarding Remuneration. We reward people on merits. Being rather small and flexible group, Heston Aviation has opportunity to structure remuneration packages which capture individual performance and initiative, rather than just minimum industry standard packages. 

How to Apply

Please send us an email with your CV and Application Letter

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